Shibuya Ultima 520 CPX9" Carbon

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279,00 EUR
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  • Rock solid precision target sight with 5.2" of elevation adjustment
  • Lightweight, extra rigid carbon extension and precision dovetail mount,
  • locking down the sight securely in a repeatable position
  • Tria-Lock system: Shibuya's innovative Tria-Lock system keeps the scope rod approx.
  • 1/2" closer to the elevation bar than conventional target sights. This significantly reduces moment
  • effected on the windage unit – a significant factor in development of play and faults.
  • The Tria-Lock system encloses the scope rod holder from three sides, keeping it perfectly aligned
  • and without play to produce a rattle-free, zero-tolerance environment.
  • X-Lock system: The Ultima CPX's X-Lock offers a re-adjustable, zero-tolerance fit between the windage unit
  • and sight frame. Now with CPX-exclusive polyacetal resin sliders, offering even more contact area for an even more secure fit.
  • Ultima CPX's X-Lock sliders have additional leaf spring functionality, offering the ultimate in elevation snugness and precision.
  • Leveling Block: Ultima CPX features Grade 5 Titanium alloy lockdown bolts for 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments,
  • as well as Nord-Lock washers to lock them firmly in place.
  • All aluminium sight parts are machined in Japan under strictest quality control.
  • Micro-adjustment elevation & windage - .002” of travel per click at 20 clicks per revolution
  • Laser-etched sight scales
  • All adjustments are compatible with popular software
  • Weight: 9” (8.32 oz.)
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